Monday, November 15, 2010


Foil-and-Paper Crowns

-aluminum foil
-20" wide tissue paper
-tape or glue

Crowns How-To
1. Tear off aluminum foil 20 inches long. Fold in half twice, long sides together, or cuff; lay cuff with opening toward top.
Fold 20-inch-wide tissue paper in half lengthwise twice; lay inside V of the cuff, folded edge up, so bottom edge is just below center of cuff.
2. Fold foil strip in half again, folding up from the bottom (this will hold the tissue in place).
3. Cut flat-topped points in tissue paper, leaving attached at the fold, and decorate with stickers.
4. Overlap ends to proper size, and slip one end of foil inside the other. Tape or glue together.
From Martha Stewart Kids, Special Issue 2004

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