Friday, November 12, 2010

Why This Blog

I always say I want to do more structured things with Jack. Different crafts or activities to enrich his creativity, imagination and learning. But when we have time for these things I'm totally unprepared and have no ideas of what to do. So I recently began searching the Internet trying to find good ideas. As I ran across things that seemed fun or interesting I would email the link to myself. After many such emails I wondered if I could come up with a better way to remember and organize these ideas so they'd be ready when I needed them. I know there are a ton of blogs out there with crafting ideas for kids, but I like to do my own thing sometimes and like a recipe book I feel these blogs have a few things I really like and a lot of things I'm not interested in. So I started this blog. I'll post whatever ideas I come across that I think would be fun to do today, tomorrow or someday. It might be a craft or it might be an activity. I might even venture into great places to go, who knows.

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