Monday, December 6, 2010

cookie cutter wrapping paper

Ella and I took on this project-and it turned out to be much easier than i expected, however not as pretty as i had hoped. Ahh, such is crafting with a 4 year-old! But its super easy and a great way to wrap gifts-especially for friends and grandparents-who have much less discriminating wrapping appreciation! And depending on how long you let it last, the clean up isn't too bad.

Cookie Cutter Wrapping Paper:

Large Sheets of Craft Paper-any color
Cookie Cutters
Paint-finger paint, acrylic, fabric-anything that will work on paper!

Use the cookie cutters as stamps and dip them in the paint and stamp them onto the paper. I tried construction paper, and depending on the paint-we used acrylic-it still will show up even on black paper! I suppose you could also decorate fabric as well to use as napkins or gift wrap!

And wrap your gifts! A perfect way to get the kids excited about giving a gift!

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  1. thanks for this idea! i'm planning on making at least some of our wrapping paper this year using potato stamps. but maybe we'll try cookie cutters too. they sound a little easier.