Monday, December 6, 2010

hand ornaments

I haven't started this tradition with my own kids yet, but i plan to this year. However, this was a tradition for many years in my family-until our hands pretty didn't change anymore. ;) I remember taking out the "hands" every year and hanging them on the tree and marveling at how small we all once were! its a great tradition to start when they are small!


Wrapping Paper-or other embellishment
Ribbons or string to hang them on the tree


Trace each child's hand onto the cardboard and cut it out. Embellish it as you wish, gluing wrapping paper, or having the child decorate it. Make sure you note on the opposite side the child's name and the year! Its a great reminder of how quickly they grow! And this one is not quite as messy as the dough ornaments.

Also a great gift for grandparents-and inexpensive and easy to do multiples!

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