Monday, December 6, 2010

creation story craft

This is an easy craft for kids to get them familiar with the story of creation in Genesis. It takes a little preparation on the part of mommy-unless you have really patient kids! However, its a tangible way for them to remember the order of creation!

Construction or Craft paper
Pictures for the phases of the story: examples: yellow paper/light blue paper for light, sun and moon, plants and animals (i used the foam animal stickers)

I read through the story with them and as we did each day's creation i had them add onto their paper the piece of the story we just read. I started with black construction paper and attempted, as best as i could explain, how nothing existed. And piece by piece we added everything on the page. I tried to let them have time in between the parts about the plants and the animals and Adam and Eve so they could have freedom to decorate a little more. I also had them add in cotton balls for clouds in the sky, and we glued cut outs of trees and construction paper to look like water and land. You can get as creative as you want with it!

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