Monday, December 6, 2010

Handprint Napkins

This one takes a little more time, and depending on your aim, a little less intervention from the kiddos! However, it makes a great keepsake and they will love to see it each year! We did them for Thanksgiving, however I imagine they can be made for any holiday depending on how you use the hand print!


Cloth napkins
Fabric paint
sponge paintbrushes
stamps (optional)

Fold the napkin in half and then in thirds-as you would fold it to place it on a plate for a table setting. Paint or stamp the palm of each child's hand with the fabric paint and apply it to the napkin- centered on the third that is facing up-that way each place has the handprint showing. We then stamped onto the napkin the name of one family member. So my children's handprints were each on their own napkin, and then i used one of their handprints on my napkin and one on kevin's. my sister used her baby's handprint on the napkins for her and her husband. And for my parents we put all of the grandchildren's hand prints on the same napkin. For Thanksgiving, we made the handprints into turkeys, however they could be made into wreaths for Christmas or simply left as a hand print if you wish. We also embellished the corners of the napkins with stamps as well- you can really get as creative as you wish!

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